Sol Construction offers sound solutions for the complex infrastructure challenges facing rapidly growing communities.

We provide replacement, repair, and construction services for treatment, plants, pump stations, pipelines, and water storage facilities.

Our services include water, wastewater, and storm water system construction for a diverse range of projects.



Sol Construction specializes in all aspects of concrete construction, providing superior solutions to our clients in the following areas:

• Structural Concrete Systems

• Footings and Slabs

• Concrete Walls and Columns

• Concrete Repair

• Hardscape

At Sol Construction, we offer the ability to deliver on challenging projects that require a high degree of coordination and adaptability to meet our client’s needs.



We provide clients with cutting-edge solutions and technology-centered around sustainable practices that meet their water, wastewater, and water resource needs. Our solutions promote long-term cost savings, improve utilities, and restore the environment.

We endeavor to make sustainability more than just an ‘add-on’ strategy but rather simply how we do our business.

Contact us to discuss the many ways we can incorporate sustainable building practices into your projects.

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